Carmencita Paella Colouring

Paella Colorant from Alicante

Indispensable for Spanish Paella.
It is used in paellas and rices and can be combined with saffron, to enhance the color of the rice.
A portion of this food colouring will make paellas, stews, soups and sauces with a more exquisite appearance.
It will also give a pleasant and attractive color to your dishes.

Gluten Free

One teaspoon is enough for a paella, 4/6 guests, and it is available in our online sale Paella Ingredients Kit.

Food Colorant Uses

Paella colouring only adds color to rice dishes, casseroles, or desserts, but it is flavorless and is often combined with saffron. It is used to enhance the yellow color of saffron if a more intense color is desired.

  • Recommended for Spanish Paella and “caldosos” rices.
  • Use a teaspoon.


  • Salt
  • Cornmeal
  • Dye (tartrazine E-102, 14%)E-102: May have negative effects on children’s activity and attention.
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