Spanish Smoked Dried Peppers for Paella

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The Spanish Ñoras (Smoked dried Ñora peppers) provide a great flavor to many recipes. You can use them directly or you can hydrate them with water, and after that, the flesh can be scraped out.

The Ñora pimiento is an essential ingredient to make the typical Valencian Salmorreta that is used in Paella.

D.O. (appellation of origin) | Gluten Free

For the drying process, the most traditional style is still used, with oak and oak firewood, in a process that lasts between 10 and 15 days, depending on the weather conditions.

Like paprika, Ñoras from La Vera have an exquisite flavor and superior quality.

Sweet Ñora is the one used in Spanish Paella and “caldosos” rices, and they are available in our online sale Paella Ingredients Kit.

Common Recipes with Ñora

You can use them on all kinds of dishes but in Paella they are a very recommended product that provides a very special flavor and texture just like in other varieties of rice, meat dishes, fish, and parsley.

The Ñora is used above all to make Salmorreta sauce, very used in Valencian Paella and seafood.

  • Recommended for Spanish Paella.
  • Use 4 Ñoras in a Paella, 4/6 guests.
  • 100% Smoked Dried Peppers

How to include the Ñora in the Paella?

The Ñora is used mainly in stir-fries for rice dishes and paellas, fish stews and baked fish. For some recipes, they are soaked to later extract the pulp.

For the preparation of Paellas and rice, simply they are chopped and added to the sauce. The ideal time to add the Ñoras to the Paella is when we are cooking the stir-fry.

How to hydrate Ñora Peppers?

As the Ñora is dry, we need to rehydrate it to get all its juice and fleshy pulp.

The ideal method to extract all the pulp is to soak the Ñoras for 3 or 4 hours with water. As the peppers float, we will have to push them so that they sink into the water. You can use a taper filled with water and when you close the lid they will sink.

Use cold or warm water but do not use hot water since they can be cooked and we will lose part of their properties.

Nutritional Information for 100gr

  • Energy value: 1313 kJ/314 kcal
  • Fat: 12,8g
    Of which Satures: 1,9g
  • Carbohydrates: 34,7g
    Of which Sugars: 7,6g
  • Protein: 14,9g
  • Salt: 0,0g
  • Gluten Free
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