Spanish Sweet Pimentón El Rey de la Vera

Premium Sweet Paprika from La Vera

Pimentón de la Vera (smoked paprika) is a purely artisanal condiment and unique in its kind thanks to its careful dehydration process.

It is one of the best peppers worldwide due to its inimitable smoke flavor and aroma, and its reddish color that lasts, and does not deteriorate over time.

D.O. (appellation of origin) | Gluten Free

Pimentón is an essential flavor enhancer in the preparation of sausages such as chorizo and essential in recipes such as Galician style octopus or fried potatoes.

We recommend using a small tablespoon in the Paella since we only want a brushstroke of its flavor.
Sweet Pimentón is a delight in the Mediterranean Diet, and it is available in our online sale Paella Ingredients Kit.

Types of Pimentón

There are 3 varieties:

Sweet Pimentón: It has a smooth, totally sweet flavor. Made with the Bola and Jaranda varieties. (Use this for Spanish Paella)

Sweet and Sour Pimentón: It has a slight spicy flavor to the palate. Made with the Jaranda and Jariza varieties.

Hot Pimentón: Spicy flavor. Made with the varieties Jeromín, Jariza and Jaranda.

  • The sweet variety is recommended for Spanish Paella.
  • Use small portions for cooking rice.

The Best Spanish Paprika

Another exquisite recipes that we recommend with this spice

Galician Style Octopus

The Galician Style Octopus is another delicacy of the Mediterranean diet and it has nothing to do if we use common paprika. If you like octopus you have to use La Vera Pimentón. The difference is abysmal!

This genuine spice with his sweet and smoky substance adds a heavenly aroma to anything it touches.

Patatas Bravas (Fried Potatoes with Spicy Sauce)

This is one of the most famous tapas in Spain. The authentic and delicious “patatas bravas” are accompanied by a spicy sauce “salsa brava” that can only be made with Pimentón from La Vera.

The characteristic color of the “salsa brava” is orange tile.

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