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The authentic Spanish Saffron from La Macha is considered the king of spices (red gold). It is obtained from the flower of the plant of the same name. It is necessary to collect and dry them through a toasting process that in La Mancha is characteristic. This peculiarity, together with the singularities of the species, the soil and the climate, make the Manchego Saffron the best saffron in the world.

D.O. (appellation of origin) | Gourmet Special

its flavor, which adds a vaguely bitter touch, and its coloring makes a Paella have a golden appearance and exquisite flavor. This Saffron has ten times more coloring power than any other additive, and it is available in our online sale Paella Ingredients Kit.

The Red Gold Spice

To enhance the flavor and color in a Spanish Paella we will take a portion of the strands that will be used to grind them in a mortar. Its use is ideal in rice, but it can also be used in meat and fish. It is recommended to store it hermetically, away from light, especially fluorescent light, to keep its properties intact.

  • Recommended for Spanish Paella and “caldosos” rices.
  • Use small portions, grind threads before use.
  • Store tightly in a dry place without light

How to use the Spanish saffron in your dishes?

Spanish Saffron is the ideal condiment for paellas and all kinds of rice dishes and many other recipes such as meat, fish, stews, or desserts.

The ideal is to add it to the paella pan without broth so that it is lightly roasted and gives off all its aroma, color, and flavor. Toast lightly in the pan, stirring and avoiding burning. Once brown slightly, we grind it to get Saffron powder.

If you are making a Paella or rice, we will leave the crushed Saffron in the stew. For spoon stews and broths, dilute the crushed Saffron in water.

What is the purpose of Saffron in Paella?

It enhances the flavor of the ingredients, provides a unique aroma, and gives the rice a special flavor. This is the great secret if you want to cook an exquisite Spanish Paella.

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