Healthy reasons to include Spanish Paella in our diet

Spanish Paella healthy dish

Paella is one of the best known and most appreciated dishes of Spanish gastronomy and although some think that it is a purely energetic recipe, the truth is that it can bring great benefits to our health.

Is Paella healthy?

Absolutely! Here are several reasons why including a healthy Paella in our diet can be highly recommended:

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Is paella fattening?

Paella may seem like a high-calorie dish due to its appearance and the amount of ingredients, but on the contrary, in addition to being a very tasty recipe, it maintains an energy balance and a very balanced amount of calories.

Obviously, the type of Paella will have more or fewer calories depending on its ingredients, with the vegetable Paella being the one with the lowest number of calories, approximately 375 per serving, the mixed Paella that contains meat can reach 400 calories per serving and the seafood Paella It would have the highest number of calories, being able to reach up to 500 calories per serving. Although it is an energetic dish, it has a very complete nutritional value, therefore, consuming adequate amounts becomes a unique dish while maintaining a healthy diet.

There are many culinary recipes in the Mediterranean diet with a higher number of calories and that are much less tasty, so consuming Paella is beneficial as well as exquisite.

People with health problems should consult their doctor as with many other foods.

A healthy Paella is a safe bet with which to surprise everyone in any celebration, which is why it has undoubtedly become the queen par excellence of Spanish gastronomy. In the following post, you can see The Main Types of Spanish Paella.


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