The Main Types of Spanish Paella

Spanish Exquisite fish Paella

La Paella, versatile, nutritious, and affordable food for all budgets

Taking a walk through Spanish gastronomy we find this delicious typically Valencian recipe that has become one of the most valued dishes inside and outside our borders.

With rice as the main ingredient, its versatility makes it a food that is very nutritious, healthy, and suitable for all budgets.
There is no table worth its salt that does not periodically include paella on its menu, with as much variety of recipes as consumer tastes.

It is difficult to know which is the most consumed, but according to the opinion of the most fans of this recipe, the most popular types of Paella are:

Main types of Spanish Paella
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Valencian Paella, made mainly of tomato, garlic, onion, meat, garrofón, and green beans. It is one of the most consumed by tourists.

Seafood Paella, composed of squid, mussels, prawns, clams or striped venus, king prawns, or crayfish. It´s the most popular on our coasts.

Paella Senyoret (for “rich kids”) is a variant of the seafood paella that is made with all the ingredients already peeled, ready to eat directly, without having to stain your fingers.

Meat paella, whose preparation is based mainly on this ingredient, usually using chicken, rabbit, and pork.

Vegetable paella, in which only vegetables are used, perfect for vegans and for those who want to maintain a very healthy diet.

Black rice paella, which has a touch of seafood and is wrapped in squid ink, which gives it that mysterious and surprising black color.

Talking about Paella is talking about Spain. Every corner of our beloved land carries the flavor of this delicious recipe that has its origins in Valencia and that today has become the quintessential dish of our gastronomy, delighting the most demanding palates.

In addition, of all the types of Paella that exist, no matter what you cook, you will always have a good meal with family and friends.

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