How to Make Water Saffron for Rice

Water Saffron for rice

With Saffron, in addition to seasoning food, we can also create water to extract all its flavor. In fact, in the preparation of Paellas, it is a trick that many cooks are unaware of. If, in addition to toasting some strands in the Paellera we add a jet of Saffron water, we will enhance the flavor much more. 

5 min
5 min

How to Prepare Saffron Water for Rice

The process is very simple. Firstly we will need some quality Saffron strands, if it is Manchego much better. Do not use Saffron powder. Then we will fill a teaspoon with some strands to pour it into a small container full of water.

The ideal is to use a kitchen bottle since later it will be very easy to add the amount we want. Use cold water to prepare the infusion. Ideally, leave it to soak the day before, but if you prepare it 1 hour before cooking, it will work for you.

After cooking your Paella you can save what is left over for another day.


Saffron water for cooking
Water Saffron for Paella
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Saffron Infusion Tea

Interestingly, Saffron can also be taken as tea. The process is similar to that for rice, but in this case, we will prepare the Saffron with hot water. After a few minutes and seeing that the Saffron has released all its color, we will filter it to serve it. It can be combined with sugar, sweetener, or honey.

You can take it as you like, hot or cold.

For some people, Saffron may have a too strong flavor, so mixing it with another type of tea or spices is a good idea to discover new flavors. You can combine it with green tea, ginger, or cardamom.

Do your tests and enjoy!

Saffron infusion

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